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I decided to make a silly BSG joke in cartoon format.

No spoilers, but I suck at fanart. )
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GUYS YOU GUYS - RODNEY MCKAY IS THE PHYSICS GENIUS FAIRY. AND JOHN IS THE POOFY HAIR FAIRY. Me and [ profile] dreamwaffles have decided this, and you can't deny it.

(this brought to you by the fact that either these problem sets are way easier, or MyPhysicsSkill++ )
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You and I have to talk.

What the fuck is up with how, when you get two nerdily inclined people in the room, one or both of them will judge eachother? Over something stupid? So I write fanfiction. So I play World of Warcraft. So I own a copy of {book}, {song}, or {movie}. So I cook for myself instead of buying premade things. Newsflash: not everyone has the same priorities as you. These priorities may or may not be intelligent, and certainly there are times where it is a good idea to express some concern. (How are you managing to keep your grades up *and* play that much WoW? O.o) But that's not what these conversations are. It just ends up being an attempt to belittle me for something I want to do with my free time, and that's messed up.

I mean, I'll admit upfront whatever it is is crackalicious crack. My love of fanfiction does not mean that I think that all or even most fanfiction is High Art, particularly not when said fanfiction includes Rodney McKay the unicorn and John Sheppard the rainbow (but where would they live?) My enjoyment of World of Warcraft does not mean that I think that spending time on WoW is an intellectually stimulating activity. But it is none of your goddamn business what I do with my free time, so shut up about it.

Yes, even if you're joking. If your joke is actually funny, please disregard the above. The Rule of Funny gets you so far. But I would much rather have conversations about things like mapping things in color space, the circuits I plan on building over break, nuclear reactors, physics, or any of a host of other things we might have in common. Seriously, is there a "I must prove I have the biggest penis" component to these conversations? Because, er, that's not why I like talking to people.
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Halloween approaches! As this is an excuse for costuming, clearly costuming must occur. But what to go as? In previous years, my standby has been Blood/Night Elf (World of Warcraft) or Generic Fantasy Person (occasionally an OC from a forever-unwritten original fiction story). But this year I wanna be different! So, some options:

1. SGA Cosplay! I recall [ profile] sabinelagrande posted a how-to somewhere, if I could just find it again. Me and Goodwill could make some friends, and I could cardboard up a Science Tablet and be a scientist.

2. I think my Space Knight costume from Baycon is still in working order somewhere in my room. I could cardboard up a better knife-gun and shield. I have lots of cardboard - three 18x24" pieces of it, even - lurking in the art building. Ahhh, classes that use up lots of newsprint.

3. I could do this... (KIDDING)

4. I had the idea of seeing if I could go as Dream from Sandman, but idk.

5. Something else?
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My thoughts about renaissance figure drawing can be summarized like so:

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A while ago I was browsing the more christian corners of the internet (Slacktivist is pretty cool) just on a whim, because I got linked there and was bored at work. This lead to this post, and my sisters and I talking tonight lead to it actually getting posted.

long-brewing rant )
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Dear Google: "That one fanfic in which John Sheppard went to Reed for the reactor" should TOTALLY be a great search query that should get me exactly what I want. Although, it did cough up an interview with the science consultant for seasons 4 and 5, and he talked about some interesting things and apparently really likes David's books, so that's kinda cool.

I still really want to find that fic!


Aug. 7th, 2009 09:39 am
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So, I got a cold, stayed home from work, and have been watching Stargate: Atlantis in my copious amounts of free time. It's fun! I basically plopped in the first disc of the first season, pressed play, and switched discs as needed. Things I noticed:

*I originally shipped McBeckett and Sheppard/Weir. Rewatching the show, I slip back into those ships again. McBeckett is just adorable. I do see and ship McShep, of course, but those other ships were the ones I picked up out of canon. And there needs to be more femmeslash opportunities.

*Said femmeslash opportunities should involve Dr. Weir, because she is rather attractive.

*I never noticed it before, but there are mammoth sized hints of future plots at the end of the episode. Like at the end of Hot Zone. McKay: "It wasn't the wraith who made the virus. We don't know WHO made the virus. Let's just hope we never run into them." (Read: VIRUS-MAKERS FOCUS OF FUTURE EPISODE, FILM AT 11)

*I would be delighted if the Genii, in that episode we meet them in, confessed to difficulties with cataracts. They live in proximity to a woefully undershielded nuclear reactor. Said reactor is spewing neutron radiation around their living area, which means there is also alpha/beta/gamma radiation around, both from the reactor and from the things activated by the neutrons. Now, if the dose rate was low enough, and since there was nothing in-show about it and McKay didn't seem to worried, I'll assume it is, it wouldn't kill anyone outright. But the incidence of cataracts in adult Genii should be huge. Living in a field of just 1 mr/hour 24/7/356, they should all have cataracts before they're 40[1]. This isn't a complaint at all - as far as I could tell it was a great episode with regards to radiation stuff, I just would have been quietly delighted if this was so.

*I like Ford. I miss him. He was awesome.

*"That's fascinating." "Anthropologist fascinating, or actual fascinating?"

I had way more I wanted to say, and interesting thinky meta things, but I can't remember them. The curse of being sick.

[1]based on a dose of 300 rem required for cataracts, information from
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But first - PREVIEWS!

9 looks good and really interesting and weird and steampunky and, well, cool. So I'll definitely be seeing that.

Where the Wild Things Are - if they pull this off, and the previews are giving me SO MUCH HOPE, this may be the best movie ever. Yes, it's a ten page kid's book, but said ten page kid's book is a beautiful escapist fantasy in which a boy finds out that the monsters aren't so bad after all, and becomes their king. The movie looks like it's focusing on/expanding his time as king and doing general childlike things and having fun, which will just be gorgeous. If they screw this up, I will be saaaaaad.

Sherlock Holmes - Holmes steals Watson's clothing!!!!!!!!!!!! (that sound you just heard was a really, really loud squee.) I hear rumors there may be Holmes/some woman. I will gleefully ignore that and slash the hell out of Holmes/Watson (I won't bash whoever-she-is, I'm sure she's lovely, but OTP.) Also, there is Holmes/Watson eyesex in the preview.

So, on to the movie. In this movie, Harry does stuff and Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud.

Okay, though, seriously, there are spoilers. )

Overall, I felt the movie was long and kinda meh. I don't know if that was the movie, or just the fact that I've been saturated in Harry Potter. I wouldn't see it again, but I don't want my ten bucks back.

Also, why no movie wank yet? I've been waiting and waiting and HP fandom hasn't delivered anything epic!
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So I took the MMPI today. Well, actually, the MMPI-2 And it was at parts funny (Sometimes I feel angry) and at parts wtf (Sometimes I think that people are stealing my thoughts and ideas) and at parts very rage inducing.

The MMPI-2 is a psychological examination. It's something like 560 questions long. The questions are true/false statements, and you're supposed to just answer them with your first response. It screens for a number of things - depression, plain ole crazy, etc. But on to the rage inducement.

62. I have often wished I was a girl (or if you are a girl) I have never been sorry that I was a girl.

I don't think I bubbled anything darker. I'm damn proud to be a woman (not girl!), thankyouverymuch. But why is this question even ON the exam? Question 371 asks something like "I feel I was born into the wrong gender" or whatnot, and so if you absolutely have to ask about GID issues, well, leave it to 371. Why ask about just being a girl? The question is sexist and stupid and arrrgh, what's wrong with me being happy about my femininity.

I think women should have as much sexual freedom as men. (t)
Children should be taught all the facts of sex (t)
The man should be the head of the family (f)

It was developed in the fifties, and it's like the Old White Guys psych eval. Something on the internet said there were questions designed to identify "male invert homosexuals," which wouldn't surprise me, although there were noticeably no questions on whether I felt like banging someone of the same gender. So, the psych now knows that I am a happy, enthusiastic, weird feminist.

On a final silly note, one of the questions stated, "I have strange or peculiar thoughts." My friend looked up and read it aloud, and then said "Wouldn't it be weird if people were deciduous? Our hair would like, turn red and fall out in the winter." We then proceeded to have a discussion about this for like five minutes before concluding with "So that's a yes, then."
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So, [ profile] cereta made a great post that's sparked all kinds of discussion on rape, culture, violence against women, and men's role in the whole thing. And it was interesting. But it got me thinking - what's my relationship to all this?

Thinky things )

(As a side note...this whole discussion has made me actually GET what was being said in RaceFail. Watching women smack down men who were defensive, derailing, etc. made me finally realize that hey, my privileged ass hangs out a bit, yanno?)
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So, I do this reactor thing, and it turns up a good number of instances of Did Not Do The Research (WARNING: TVTROPES) in movies/fiction. For the most part, I ignore them and watch the thingy. Sometimes, they make it 'better' (OH GOD ATOMIC RAY GUN WHY). However, there's one that bugs me enough that I want to post about it: the word 'critical' does not mean what some scifi authors think it means.
Cut for Reactor ramblings )

And that's my ramblings for the day. All comments and criticism welcome, particularly if I messed something up in the writeup.
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Rodney McKay as a physics professor is part of of why I find it so awesome and is part of why I would contemplate going into physics. Mmm, science. It's a ton of fun and really, really hard in that good brain-work-outy way.

Rodney McKay as an artist has made me go back and toss out a quick charcoal-and-crayon sketch, and reminded me why I wanted to be an art major in the first place because goddamn, do I want Rodney's life in that fic.

In short: Rodney McKay, stop making my decisions about majors and life and what all else harder.
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Title: The Blues
Author: [ profile] aliaras
Fandom: SGA
Pairing/Character: John/Weir
Rating: NC-17 (DUBCON, D/s)
Spoilers: Just for 2-06, Conversion
Summary: So you know how Blue!John slams Weir up against a wall...
Notes: I have written SGA fic!...of the PWP variety. (I swear that interesting PG-13 AU fic I started is coming, too.) So I found an interesting meta post in [ profile] sabinelagrande's journal while looking for fic. And it set off a plotbunny. And ficcing is so much more fun than cleaning my room. [ profile] sabinelagrande was also kind enough to beta said fic. All commments, concrit, etc totally welcome. Totally lame title up for revision.

Plot? What Plot? )
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California cares more about CHICKENS than it does about gay rights.

GG, guys. Enjoy your higher-priced chickens and decrease in chicken farm jobs. Various cheap foods made with chickens will become more expensive. Or didn't you take econ? Yes, I know, I'm all for animal rights too, but SHEESH, we're in an economic crisis here, guys.

Meanwhile, I'll be over here with my gay friends, not at any weddings. Yep.
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Oh god, Carl Sagan, have my babies. Well, not really. I just finished Contact, and...damn. It's about Science and God and resolving all the bullcrap we have between the two. Few Strawman Political types, female president, KICKASS female lead, good sci-fi, amazing everythings. I cannot recommend it enough. It beats the movie hands-down for awesome, though the movie is also good.

Hum is going to be a bitch in a couple hours. It was so worth it.
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For [ profile] purple_chalk, because I think she might find this interesting:

Article in The Economist about changing the rules for writing

Now, I'm not sure how the people who want to clarify spelling are going to make that happen. My understanding of language is, it evolves. New words get added by modifying existing words according to logical rules, and then are tested in society. Some survive, some don't. The new additions are all colloquial, but eventually make their way up to academia and literature. So, why do people think they can just come in and say, "we're changing the rules, so now the rules are changed?" It's not like language works like legislation, it's a very social thing and it's constantly changing and being created. While making English spelling more phonetic might help those who are learning the language, the phonetic spellings would not be adopted quickly by native speakers. That's because spelling is considered an indicator of one's intelligence and level of education. Phonetic spellings look like the mistakes we all made back in school (and may still make, only to get caught by the spellchecker.) Nobody would take an academic paper seriously if it wuz ritten lyk this.

So I don't get it. Even IF one of the English-speaking nations' governments decided to change the school curriculum to introduce different spelling, the adults' opinions wouldn't be changed and the kids who went to posh private schools would have even more of a leg up. Or down. I can't imagine what going into public high school writing like this if public high school was writing phonetic would be like.

Anyways, thoughts?
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So, here's what I understand of the Georgia/Russia conflict, with links for your tabbed-browsing pleasure. LJ-cut for the sake of your flist!

Map and writeup! )

We now return to your regularly scheduled evening of Olympics.
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I have now written the fanfic inspired by Kirby's LJ post and it being 4am.

Title: Exploration
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Eve/Wall-E
Summary: Eve was forced to learn on the only working WALL*E robot nearby, no matter how uncomfortable she was with the prospect
A/N: Occurs after end of movie. Thanks to [ profile] purple_chalk for beta. Click the very fake cut to see the rest of notes and the fic.

( Exploration )
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