aliaras: (Default)
2010-07-26 11:02 pm

Rizzoli & Isles (spoiler-free review edition)

So, there is this show. It is a police procedural whose main characters are both women, and upon hearing this I had two reactions:

1) I want to watch the hell out of that
2) I ship it.

After having seen the pilot and second episode though...meh. It spends a lot of time reminding you that these are GIRLS with GIRL PROBLEMS, except not the kind of girl problems where they're gay, the kind where HEY YOU GUYS THEY'RE FEMALE. Which isn't what I wanted at all, I wanted women who do badass things, and together they fight crime. Quite literally. So...giving it a few more, because new shows all have some writing problems at the beginning. Hopefully the writers step it up a bit.

Oh, and lose the stupid puking gag, please.