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So I am watching Doctor Who right now. I like it! It's good! I've seen everything up to about halfway through new-season 5, and kind of avoiding spoilers.

As fun as it is, I keep wanting to write really really fluffy fix-it fic and/or self-indulgent fic. In the former case, I see various characters' angst and I'm like "awwwww let me write you a universe where it's all better." That, and I have no idea where the Doctor came from, what his background is, and he's so interesting that I want to understand it all and so I kind of want to write *that* fic, even though I won't because there's canon on that already, or if there isn't, it's not my universe to drive.

In the latter case, "Planet of the Dead" desperately needs an episode tag in which the companion-o-the-day and the Tenth Doctor go off and have really hot, inventive, and probably-kinky sex and some wild hijinks for like a week, because...BECAUSE. It would be fun, and fluffy, and hot, and in a rare turn of events, I would totally do both of them.

On the Doctors, I liked Christopher Eccleston fine, fell deeply in love with David Tennant, and am still feeling out Matt Smith. With him and Amy and Rory, there's this really annoying love triangle thing going on. I hate love triangles. They make everyone act like jerks and introduce all kinds of sniping and jealousy to a show. I hate watching that. I hate *doing* that, it's the worst, I run away from those situations fast. That doesn't mean I hate unrequited love or lust -- it happens, and it usually goes fine. But for frak's sake would please, please, please sit down like mature, rational adults (especially you, Mr. I'm-over-900-years-old) and set some goddamn boundaries. And then abide by them. I don't care if this means that two of you are in a monogamous relationship or you work out some kind of poly something (WHICH HEY GUESS WHAT YOU *CAN* DO), but either way figure your shit out and shut UP about it.

Also is it this Doctor, all Doctors, or a new companion thing where the Doctor is just like "I'm going to bounce around and be arrogant about everything and not tell you what's going on, because I'm like that sometimes". Because that can stop too.

Anyways. So that's what's (fannishly) up.
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