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^my thought on DC pride. I mean, when I got there, I was all excited about OMG I AM ON A STREET FULL OF GAY PEOPLE <3 <3 <3, like you do. Actually, first I was extremely lost (thanks, Metro trip planner!), but I ran into a group of people from Georgetown and we hung out and they got me there. And I met this really cute girl who was an English major and seemed awesome and man, why the hell didn't I try to get her number? I'm bad at this.

But then, once in the pride festival, someone was distributing this book of gay things to do in DC. And I was all, "Awesome! Does it have any listings in it for lesbians, or is it all male focused?" The guy handing it out said, "Oh, it's mostly male focused. But that's just the way the world is, a lot of stuff is like that." And he just kind of shrugged and I sputtered something about that not being right and it was clear that he didn't really see that.

Because, NO. And suddenly, at a gay pride festival, I felt invisible. Where were the other women like me hanging out? Sure, there were some here, but there weren't really any lesbian groups. There were groups that supported same-sex couples, and groups for gay dudes, but none/not many for the lesbians. Or the bisexuals, men or women. Which is another kind of fucked up, and man, I didn't realize that for a while. And I'm kind of in between the two and just...where are my people here? I mean, I'm not anti-gay-male, I just don't really fit in their spaces because...well, I don't. I want a space of my own.

So yeah. And there's all kinds of stuff running around in my head about how gay stuff gets more segregated by gender because gay people aren't interested romantically in the other gender, and then the other part of my brain smacks me for thinking it makes any sense at all to only hang out with people you're potentially romantically interested in. Not everywhere needs to be a meat market. We're all people and we can all be friends and let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya etc etc.


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