Dec. 22nd, 2009 06:57 pm
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My Thoughts On Blue Kitties:

First off, pretty. The CG was gorgeous, everything moved really well, and it was like seeing a big-screen render of all the best parts of World of Warcraft without the addicting or the PUGs or the oh god going to die.

I got sucked into the storyline. It was awesome, I never felt like it lagged at points or anything.


For all it's Pocahontas where the colonists lose and in space and in The Future, it's still got all the same problems. My disbelief/discomfort stayed nicely suspended in a corner for the duration of the film, but...yeah. Evil White Guys impose on Nature-Loving PoC who are all in tune with the environment and stuff. Hello, racist stereotypes, how you doin'. It's the whole Noble Savages trope.

Which all makes me want to polish of the Ga'iran 'verse (which has the exact same problems) and change it and make it better somehow, or at least something different. Something newer.

And while I'm on my sociological soapbox, can we please, please at one point have a queer hero(ine) who goes and saves the day and gets the {girl/boy} as appropriate to {his/her} gender and sexual orientation? Girl gets the girl! Boy gets the boy! I don't want it always to end this way, but at least once can the love interest be queer instead of just "oh hey there are more straight people kissing". Which, not that it isn't cute, but goddamn I could use some variety.

All that said. I had fun with it. I just had to turn off my brain for a bit, which leaves me with this sour taste in my mouth.
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